SIZE Nm max
MK2 3
MK5 8
MK10 15
MK20 30
MK30 50
MK50 72
MK100 160

High Modularity

  • Matched with a large range of gearboxes, they are suitable to modular assembling of flanges, feet and torque arms.

High Versatility

  • 7 sizes, more than 200 versions, with wide range of different mounting positions.

High Performances

  • Max input power 11 kW.
  • Max torque 3000 Nm.
  • With the differential device, output speed can be brought to “zero” speed, when the motor is running.

High Reliability

  • Sturdy cast iron housing for heavy duty applications.
  • Planets and races are made in special steel 100Cr6 and are in oil bath, that guarantee the best conditions of transmission of the motion by friction.

Optional Accessories

  • Gravitational indicator
  • Speed indicator
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