SIZE Nm max
U30 30
U40 61
U50 106
U63 199
U75 300
U90 588
U110 885
Errata / Updates

High Modularity

  • Worm gearboxes suitable for the modular assembling of flanges and torque arm.

High Versatility

  • 7 sizes with wide range of different mounting positions.

High Performances

  • Max input power 17.7 kW.
  • Max torque 885 Nm.
  • Ratios up to 100/1.

High Reliability

  • Housing built in pressure die casting aluminium, designed in order to guarantee lightness, strength and stiffness.
  • In the size 30, housing in Nylon PA 6,6 GF 30 for aggressive environments.
  • “ZI” teeth profile on worm and wormwheels for a silent working without vibrations.

Optional Accessories

  • Double extension input shaft
  • Single/double solid output shaft
  • Torque arm
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